Specialist Consultancy

Bank Monitoring Surveyors

Smith Thomas Consult have acted as Independent Monitoring Surveyors for NatWest, RBS and Handelsbanken on a wide range of projects since 2005. Project types include commercial, retail, volume and high quality “one off” residential and nursing homes. Project values have ranged from £350,000 to £2,000,000.

Insurance Valuations

Smith Thomas Consult have acted for corporate and private clients in both estimating services for replacement cost assessments for insurance renewal purposes and in claim negotiations with insurance companies / loss adjustors to obtain fair replacement cost valuations for damaged or destroyed property. We have provided such advice on properties as diverse as holiday parks, caravan service workshops and car parks, with values in question ranging from £250,000 to over £5,000,000

Expert Witness Services

We have provide expert witness advice in a number of construction related actions over the last 15 years and in each instance the information provided has assisted the legal teams involved in resolving the dispute prior to court proceedings. Details remain confidential, but sums involved have ranged from £50,000 to in excess of £4,000,000

Land Transaction Cost Verification

Smith Thomas Consult have acted for a number of landowners ranging from large estates such as Buckminster Estate in Lincolnshire, charities, farmers and corporations, in their land transactions with national house builders to challenge and negotiate the abnormal cost elements the land transactions. In the last 3 years we estimate that we have negotiated cost savings in the order of 15% on initial house builder cost proposals which have resulted in significantly improved returns for the landowners in their completed land transactions.